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I’m Revital, founder and director of Revi Event Styling.
The inspiration for my business is you and your upcoming special occasion.

My professional background, training and expertise includes:

  • A National Diploma in Floristry
  • Boutique design for five leading flower shops in Jerusalem
  • Work with a variety of event producers, and
  • Teaching flower design both privately and at a Jerusalem community center

Growing up in California with its beautiful breathtaking views, changing landscapes and relaxed atmosphere provided me with fertile ground to develop my natural artistic inclination. Being surrounded by that scenery and atmosphere has been a great inspiration and influence on my love and desire for expression through art.
Studying in New York, England and Israel, exposing me to a variety of styles and cultures, contributed further to my creativity, originality and my special love for harmony and people.

No matter where you are from, or what your style and wishes are, I am here to help you celebrate and enjoy your special occasion in a setting you are entirely delighted with.

To tell me what you have in mind CLICK HERE

I’d love to hear about you, your upcoming event and make your dream come true.

Revital Markus


We are a full-scale event design and styling service, otherwise known as “decorators”.

We are equipped to present you with:
  • Professional flower design in a wide array of props and glassware.
  • Accent pieces, candles and theme-related accessories.
  • Exquisite drapings, custom tablecloths and chair cover solutions.
  • Alternative furniture, stages and custom platforms.

Our purpose is to help you enhance, upgrade, personalize or transform your location into the setting of your dreams.

Your expertly handled personalized design plan will enable you to be sure that every aspect of your event styling is well taken care of.  You can feel relaxed while leaving the production up to us and enjoy hosting with importance joy and pride.

CLICK HERE for a detailed consultation.

There is more we can do for you:
  • For peace of mind having all your choices, logistics and contracts handled by an expert planner…
  • To have someone oversee the smooth and timely running of your event…

CLICK HERE and we will set you up with an experienced event planner.


Props & Platforms
Table & Chair Covers
Alternative Furniture
Crystal & Glass

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  • Absolutely magnificent

    Thank you for your unbelievalbe service at our wedding. The flower arrangements
    you put together were absolutely magnificent. From the bouquet, to the centerpeices and beyond,
    everything was so tastefully and beautifully done.

    Working with you was such a pleasure. You were so happy to accomodate
    our different tastes and ideas, and everything was absolutely stunning.

    Thank you so much for helping enhance our simcha and make a beautiful evening!!
    We can’t wait to recommend you to all our friends!

    Gareh and Esther 06/07/14

  • A pleasure dealing with you - A big hit!

    Dear Revital, thank you again for all your wonderful help and support.
    It was a pleasure dealing with you.

    The bouquets were a big hit!

    Fondest regards
    Jodi (Australia) 20/05/14

  • Amazing feedback from friends and family

    Revital, I just want to thank you so so much for all the dedication,
    patience and work you put into the decorations at our wedding.
    we loved it and got amazing feedback from friends and family

    Thanks again, T&S (London/India) 6/24/12

  • Help, patience and enthusiasm

    Revital, Thank you very much for all your help, patience and enthusiasm!!!!

    Thanks again, T.D. (Jerusalem) 06/05/12

  • Ideas and suggestions were spot on

    Revital, It was so lovely to meet you last night and what a pleasure to work with you.
    You chose such gorgeous flowers and your ideas and suggestions were spot on.

    Dana-lee Salis (From The Jerusalem Wedding Planners) 30/05/13

  • The flowers were beautiful

    Revital , you just brought back all the amazing memories that we had …
    thank you so much for your help… the flowers were beautiful… too many…
    BE”H we’re coming again to Israel for my second son’s bar mitzva - we can't wait.

    S.T. (New York) 02/09/13

  • We got tremendous value for our money

    Thank you again for the wonderful job you did providing the flowers at the wedding.
    They were absolutely stunning and you clearly put the maximum
    into each arrangement so that we got tremendous value for our money.
    We got loads of compliments on the flowers from many of our guests!

    You made sure, in your professional manner, that every detail was attended to…
    A fantabulous job.

    W&C (Jerusalem/London) 17/11/13


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